About ‘Bokur’

Ighede-janet-webt began as a romantic Caribbean cycling excursion for two married American expats. It ended in ritual, sex and murder.

In Bokur, three adult couples face the magical question: If you could take possession of another person’s body, and no one else would ever know, what would you do with that power?

For 50-year-old Bonnie Wright, her answer brings her face-to-face with a sly Haitain voudousant named Hector Savain. Savain is a bokur, a voodoo practitioner who operates beyond the sanction of the community’s religious leaders, yet still provides a valuable service within voodoo society.

All bokurs straddle the edge of the acceptable and moral, but Savain is a trickster with a special gift. His unique initiation into the practice of both Haitian voodoo and Western high magic has given him the freedom to grant dark powers his peers cannot match. For while voudousants are routinely ridden by loa spirits, Savain has learned to harness that power on behalf of mortals.

Which is bound to cause trouble with the Haitian secret societies… and to attract the attention of mysterious North American clients with money to spend…

When Bonnie slips into Savain’s orbit and finds she can move anonymously from possession of her own body to those of her friends, her new-found — and decidedly erotic — freedom soon crosses lines she never imagined.